Family Day

When we were young, my parents used to take us out on Sundays for visits to parks or public gardens around our home town (Wallington, Surrey — about 8 miles South of London), or occasionally to one of the many sites of interest nearby.  When the weather was bad, the whole family played cards or board games, or watched television. My father’s version of tiddlywinks involved all of us madly scrambling around on all fours to flick away other family members’ “winks”.  We laughed so hard our sides ached, and it made potting our own “winks” difficult.   But it was a lot of fun, and those occasions are still fondly remembered.  Our family relationships were greatly enhanced by doing things together.  We played together, prayed together, and have stayed together.  My parents are gone now, but my sisters and brother have maintained a closeness of spirit even though we live many miles  … sometimes thousands of miles … apart, and I credit that to the activities in which we participated together every Sunday.

Bowling is an activity in which all family members can participate, since age and athleticism are not important. There are so many demands that pull families apart … let’s take the opportunity to have some fun and participate in one activity that brings us together!


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