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  • Montreal Children’s     McMaster Children’s     Sick Kids Hospital     Children’s – Manitoba
  • The main objective of the Fund is to purchase medical equipment and other items deemed necessary for better diagnosis and treatment of children with cancer. Upon special request, the Fund may purchase items other than medical equipment for compassionate reasons. Such items purchased in the past include special mattresses to ease the pain of children in the terminal stages, and wigs for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.
  • 100% of all monetary donations go to the purchase of medical equipment.
  • Entirely volunteer-based. All activities are conducted by volunteers, including those of the advisory board; we have no salaried staff.
  • Established formally at the Montreal Children’s Hospital on October 3rd, 1990 — the sixth anniversary of Sian’s birth — and incorporated by letters patent as a non-profit organisation in 2000.  In 2014, the Fund was re-certified as a Not-For-Profit organisation under new Industry Canada standards.
  • Volunteers in Toronto started raising funds for the Hospital For Sick Children (SickKids Hospital) in 1992, McMaster Children’s (Hamilton) in 2011, and the Children’s Hospital of Manitoba in 2023.
  • Over $1,800,000 has been donated to the Hospitals as of 2023.
  • An endowment fund has been established at each of the four hospitals to ensure that we can continue to support sick children in perpetuity.
  • Federally incorporated as a Not-For-Profit (“NFP”) organisation in 2000 and re-certified in 2014.  The Sian Bradwell Fund maintains its registered NFP status through compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations including filing annual returns. 
  • Tax receipts for all donations made to the Sian Bradwell Fund are issued through the hospitals.  In Canada, an organisation can be registered as a not-for-profit and then can additionally be registered a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.  One of the main differences is that charities can issue tax receipts for donations, whereas “non-profits” [that are not also charities] cannot. 

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