The volunteers of the Sian Bradwell Fund have been raising funds for the purchase of medical equipment through sports events, collection of donations and other sundry efforts since 1986.  These events bring us together as families and friends, and remind us how blessed we are to have good health, and that strong families build a strong society.  Such events would not be possible without the assistance of all the volunteers who put in huge numbers of hours to organise and hold the fundraisers.

There will come a day, however, when we may not find enough volunteers to run the fundraisers, or the circumstances of friends may change and they may not be able to help.  In preparation for that day, we have set up endowments at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (2007), Sick Kids (2012), McMaster Children’s Hospital (2014), and Children’s Hospital of Manitoba (2023) which provide a reliable source of income to the hospitals, so that we can continue to donate funds in perpetuity towards purchasing medical equipment for treating children with cancer.  These little ones are innocent victims, and our efforts are aimed at helping them go from being cancer patients to being just children again.

In so doing, we keep Sian’s name alive, as she was — and remains — our inspiration for helping other children.  If the life of even one child is saved, and that child goes on to be a researcher, teacher, doctor or just a good person who gives something back to improving someone else’s life, our efforts will have been well worthwhile.

We are so very grateful to all our gracious donors and urge you please to continue supporting children with cancer through the Sian Bradwell Fund.

Note:  the Advisory Board has adopted a policy that 50% of funds raised through the calendar year are contributed to the endowment fund for funding future medical equipment purchases, and the remaining 50% is available for the immediate equipment needs of the Oncology department.

McMaster Children’s Hospital

Montreal Children’s Hospital

SickKids Hospital (Hospital For Sick Children, Toronto)

Children’s Hospital of Manitoba

How our Endowments are funded

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