1. How are funds raised?
  2. What is the difference between the regular Fund and the Endowment Fund?
  3. What is the difference between sponsorship and donation?
  4. What portion of donated funds reaches the hospitals?
  5. Can I get a tax receipt for items purchased in the sports memorabilia auction?
  6. How can I help?

How are funds raised?

A. Funds are raised through donations collected year-round. Donations can be made online via credit card, or by cheque, via Interac e-mail transfer or via Employee charitable funds.  For details, see  Donations

In addition, there are a variety of fundraising activities, such as:

  • the Sian Bradwell Softball Tournament [SBST], which is held in Montreal on the August Civic Holiday weekend.
  • the Sian Bradwell-West Island Lakers Basketball All-Star Weekend (held in Pointe Claire, Quebec, in late January). Some 950+ youngsters from the age of 6 to 19 play in the league.
  • bowling events in Burlington and Montreal
  • sale of advertising space in the annual book (which doubles as a programme for the Montreal softball tournament).
  • silent auction of prizes at various events
  • other events organised by volunteers

What is the difference between the regular Fund and the Endowment Fund?

A.  The regular Sian Bradwell Funds are used to pay for priority medical equipment, as advised by the hospitals at the start of each year, from funds raised as described above, and from targeted donations where the donor specifies that monies are not to be added to the Endowment.  Funds raised are submitted to the hospital Foundations a short time after the events are concluded.  In general, the equipment is paid for during the same year the funds were raised, except in the case of multi-year projects for very expensive equipment.

The Sian Bradwell Endowment Funds are used to plan for present and future medical equipment purposes.  The capital amount is invested by the hospital Foundations while the accrued interest is paid out to purchase priority equipment.  The capital amount is built through a percentage (which may differ by hospital) of funds raised through events and through personal donations if indicated by the donor.

All monies, regardless of whether for the regular Sian Bradwell Funds or for the Endowment Funds, are submitted by our volunteers to the hospital Foundations in the year the funds are raised, and are thereafter managed by the Foundations.

What is the difference between sponsorship (of a team, advertisement, etc.) and donation?

A. A donation is defined as being a contribution that is made without any conditions attached. The donor does not expect anything in return for the gift [other than an receipt for income tax purposes] and does not receive anything other than the receipt. Receipts are issued only for donations and not for sponsorships, where the gift giver receives a benefit (advertisement, banner advertising, logo display, etc.).

When a business makes a donation of cash or other property to a charity, it may not be considered as a gift to the charity. Since a gift is deemed as such only when no consideration is received in return, if a business receives promotional value or advertising services in return, a tax receipt cannot be issued.

Businesses are encouraged to declare contributions such as  donations or sponsorships as a business expense because it is generally of greater advantage to them. The Hospital Foundations can provide a letter confirming sponsorship and allowing the business to write off expenses.

In the case of merchandise being donated, it can be more advantageous for a company to take a write-off directly from inventory, which does not necessitate a receipt.  Again, the Foundations can provide a tax letter.

Further information is available from the website of the Canada Revenue Agency (C.R.A., formerly Revenue Canada):  http://www.ccra-adrc.gc.ca

If I make a donation, what portion will go to the hospital?

A. 100% !!   As a volunteer-based organisation, we do not pay salaries. All fundraising events are conducted by volunteers, and the Advisory Board are all long-time volunteers. The expenses of running events come from event registrations and and on-site sales but not from donations.  Income tax receipts are issued directly by the hospital Foundations.

So no matter which hospital you choose to support, you can be assured that 100% goes to the hospitals for purchasing medical equipment.

If I purchase an item in the sports memorabilia auction, can I get a tax receipt for it?

A. No. The Sian Bradwell Fund follows the rules set by the Canada Revenue Agency for the hospitals with regard to providing receipts. The C.R.A. deems that the purchaser has received an item of value and cannot therefore receive a tax receipt because it is not regarded as a donation. A receipt could be given if the amount paid exceeds the deemed value of the item, in which case the matter would be referred to the appropriate hospital.

I would like to help.  How can I get involved?

A. Thank you! We rely entirely on our volunteers, and are deeply grateful for your help.
We need organisers, cooks, bartenders, umpires, photographers and sponsors. Please contact us.

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