Millie & Al De Souza

Mary Mildred (Millie) and Alfred George (Al) De Souza — Sîan’s grandparents — were long-time residents of Pointe-Claire, where they lived for over 40 years after emigrating from England in 1966. Millie taught Grade 3 students at St. John Fisher Elementary School (Baldwin-Cartier School Commission), a walk just four houses away from the family home on Valois Bay Avenue.

Al, a career banker, started as the Manager of Banking Arrangements, and later became the Treasurer of Canadian Pacific Enterprises Limited (CP Rail, CP Ships, CP Hotels (which was eventually became Fairmont Hotels), CP Airlines, Marathon Realties, as well as trucking, mining, telecommunications and other subsidiaries).

Millie & Al De Souza Foundation

The Millie & Al De Souza Foundation is administered through Gift Funds Canada and was established in 2020 to support some of the causes about which they were most concerned: disaster relief, education and health for people in the poorest countries, support for the blind, the sick, and teaching the underprivileged to build entrepreneurial skills to support themselves, thereby becoming independent of foreign aid.

Al  &  Millie  De Souza  Foundation

Al and Millie were great supporters of the Sîan Bradwell Fund, both financially and in person as they came out to volunteer or attend fundraising events.  In their honour, the Al and Millie De Souza Foundation was established on October 30th, 2011, at the Lakeshore General Hospital in Pointe-Claire to help pay for urgently-needed  state-of-the-art medical equipment for the Hospital, where both received health care treatment.

Al & Millie De Souza Foundation (LGH)

FUNDS  RAISED  FROM  2011  TO  2023:    $53,173.03

The Cedar Park Heights Men’s Softball League holds an annual tournament which  ends on the third weekend of August, with proceeds donated to the Al & Millie De Souza Foundation of the Lakeshore General Hospital.

Special thanks to the CPH Executive, Tournament organising committee and all the players for their generosity! 
Cedar Park Heights Men’s Softball League.            


Online donations:   Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation

 Via cheque:

The Al and Millie De Souza Foundation
c/o Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation /
a/s Fondation de l’Hôpital Général du Lakeshore
Attn.  Carole Ravenda
160 Stillview, Suite 1249

Pointe-Claire, QC  H9R 2Y2


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