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ENDOWMENT REPORT – March, 2020  


*** STEP-BY-STEP-TEMBRE:  September 1st – 30th, 2021 ***

Strike Out Cancer Bowling DayT.B.A.

SB-West Island Lakers All-Star Weekend:  January, 2022

SB Golf Classic:   June, 2022

CPH Softball Tournament:   June, 2022

Sian Bradwell Softball Tournament:   August, 2022

The Sian Bradwell Fund was started in 1986, to help children with cancer and their families by purchasing medical equipment for diagnosis, treatment and research. While Oncology is the main recipient of funds raised, equipment may also be purchased for departments which support Oncology,  e.g.  Pathology, Neurosurgery.


Each year, the Hospital prepares a priority medical equipment list, from which the Advisory Board [“Board of Directors”] selects items to be purchased. In addition to funding such items as intravenous infusion pumps, pain control pumps, wheelchairs and equipment required for daily treatment and regular checkups, the Fund has purchased items such as:

Diagnostic Microscrope For Pathology $       55,000
2 Clinitek Status+ Analysers $       30,000
2 operating tables $     100,000
Pain Control Pump + 15 stethoscopes $       16,500
Cavitron (Ultrasonic Aspirator) $     135,000
Alphamaquet operating table $       90,000
Microwave tissue processor $       40,000
Intra-operative MRI , to which the SBF contributed $10,000
(MRI.pdf 1)
  (MRI.pdf 2)
Cell counter $     115,000
3 Physiologic monitors $       60,000
ROTEM equipment + blood pressure monitor cuffs $         6,140

and many small ($5,000+) pieces of equipment.  A weighing scale can be critical to cancer treatment because chemotherapy doses are based on the weight of a child.  Medical equipment is enormously expensive because of the degree of precision required for effective treatment.

Funds are raised mainly through sports events and donations.  The events are always fun … come and participate in one of our events!

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