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2020 Endowment Fund Report

2019 Endowment Fund Report

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Presentations at SickKids

Emily Clark, Peggy and Kingsley Capitain, Stephanie Rodriguez, Tobin Haas, James Capitain

Left to right:
Aliya Jasmine Sovani (reporter for NBC L.A.), Saniye Yilmaz, Stephanie Rodriguez, Joshua Grant, Mike Bradwell (Sian Bradwell Fund ambassador and former member of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club), Peggy Capitain, Brianne from SickKids Hospital, James and Kingsley Capitain

Front:  Tobin Haas, cancer survivor and SickKids ambassador

Saniye Yilmaz, Peggy Capitain, Britney and Loni Griffin from SickKids, Mike Bradwell (Toronto Argonauts), Jessica Ma, Donna Baker

Remembering Sian … a Tribute


Loni and Britney from SickKids, Saniye Yilmaz, Sian Bradwell Fund ambassador Mike Bradwell (Toronto Argonauts), Donna Baker, Jessica Ma, Peggy Capitain.

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