The Sian Bradwell Fund is a 100% volunteer-based organisation whose aim is to help children with cancer. We raise funds for children’s hospitals through a series of events which we try to make enjoyable for volunteers, sponsors and participants. A very large part of our fundraising is through the collection of donations. Donor names and addresses are supplied to the hospitals for the sole purpose of providing income tax receipts. We do not sell donor lists to anyone, for any reason.

We do not collect donations door-to-door, and we do not solicit donations via telephone.  If anyone comes to your door or telephones, claiming to represent the Sian Bradwell Fund and requesting donations, decline politely and inform your local police.

Our web site may use cookies, web beacons or “hit” counters or check IP addresses of visitors to our site, but such information is not monitored by our volunteers, who focus on raising funds for the hospitals.

This web site is intended only to provide information to the families of children with cancer, our sponsors, donors, volunteers, and participants of our fundraising events.

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