Advertisements can be placed in the annual book which is posted at:  and distributed to donors, sponsors, volunteers and participants. The book is distributed in PDF format; advertisements are hyperlinked to sponsors’ web sites. Advertising rates for the book are:

Size Rate Maximum dimensions of advert. copy
Full page $350.00 7.50″ wide x 9.00 ” high
1/2 page $180.00 7.40″ wide x 4.25″ high
1/4 page $140.00 3.40″ wide x 4.25″ high
Business card $100.00 3.40″ wide x 2.00″ high
Banner at park $350.00  No limit

View specifications.

A high-contrast business card or company logo in .jpg format should be submitted for best reproduction. The maximum size possible will be inserted into the advertisement box.

Invoices are provided as proof of business expenses for income tax purposes. The deadline for submitting advertising copy, company logos or business cards is June 30th; banners may be submitted up to the day prior to the start of the event.

Payment is via e-transfer
For further information, contact:

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