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In spite of the continuing challenges of the pandemic and inability to hold ‘live’ shows in 2022, the Becket Players still managed to find a way to make a contribution of $3,500 to the Sian Bradwell Fund For Children With Cancer, through a series of fundraisers for the SBF and two other charities.

Our deepest thanks to all the hard-working volunteers of the Becket Players for their continuing support.

Melissa Mastrogiuseppe (MCHF), Lisa-Marie Gingera (Executive Director, SBF), with Becket Players’ directors Wendy Butchart, Johnny Iacovino, Deenie Plotkin, Taille-Anne Neil, and Joey Savattiere (President), Alan Groombridge (President, SBF)


In 2021, the Becket Players’ organising committee and many volunteers put their hearts into making another great show, Time Warp, and although the event could not be held in person, the video was posted online at:   This event resulted in a donation of $2,595 towards helping young cancer patients.

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Marie-Claude Baribeau (MCHF Director of Community Events), Gary Kukulsky (SBF Director), Taille-Anne Neil, Deenie Plotkin, Johnny Iacovino, Joey Savattiere, Wendy Butchart (all Becket Players board members), and Lisa-Marie Gingera (SBF Director)

Many, many thanks to the Board of Directors of the Becket Players and their sponsors and donors.


In 2020, the Becket Players made a donation of $1,000, even though the variety show was cancelled. The organising committee offered refunds to ticket buyers, but many generously chose to donate the funds instead.

Sept. 21st, 2020

Back row (L to R): Gary Kukulsky (SBF), Joey Savattiere (president of the Becket Players), Claire Godsall, Taille-Anne Neil, Wendy Butchart, all Board members.

Front row: Neil Semenchuk, Lisa-Marie Gingera, Alan Groombridge (with Gary, all directors of the SBF), and Johnny Iacovino who is a long-time volunteer for both the Becket Players and the Sian Bradwell Fund For Children With Cancer.

2019 – TIME WARP

A portion of funds raised from the shows goes to the Sian Bradwell Fund.

Becket Players 2019 – Hooked On A Feeling
This event raised $4,578.00 for the SBF thanks so very much to the Becket Players!

Becket Players Board members Taillie-Anne Neil, Joey Savatiere and Johnny Iacovino with MCHF representative Alessia Di Giorgio, SBF Directors, Mayor of Kirkland Michel Gibson and Town Councillors Stephen Bouchard, Mike Brown, John Morson and Sam Rother.

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