Kerry and John Lekas

In 1987, John and Kerry Lekas, proprietors of the Sgt. Pepperoni Pizza Restaurant in Kirkland, and the Lac St. Louis Soccer Association started raising funds for the Sîan Bradwell Fund (SBF) through sales of a coupon booklet. It was the start of a long friendship. Years later, they came up with the idea of allowing local sports organisations — the Kirkland Men’s SlowPitch League being chief among them — to take ice from their ice machine in return for a small donation to the SBF. Many small donations added up to a big annual donation!

In early 2007, John and Kerry made the first donation to the Sîan Bradwell Endowment Fund with monies raised through their 2006 Ice Bucket fundraiser.

The proceeds of Ice Bucket fundraisers were always celebrated on October 3rd of each year — the anniversary of Sîan’s birth.

2006: $1,716.48
Mirella Spadafora, Marisa Testa (Directors of the Sîan Bradwell Fund), John Lekas, Valerie Frost (Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation), Jésus Romero (Sgt. Pepperoni franchisee)
Sgt. Pepperoni Wall of Fame
2005: $1,750.00
Marisa Testa, Neil Semenchuk, John Lekas, Valerie Frost (MCH), Sharon Bradwell, Alan Groombridge
2004: $1,382.35
SBF Directors Marisa Testa, Alan Groombridge, Neil Semenchuk, with Kerry and John Lekas, Valerie Frost (MCH), and SBF Director of Communications, Liz Caporicci
Kerry and John with the ice machine
2003: $1,346.00
Alan Groombridge, Neil Semenchuk, Valerie Frost, John Lekas, Sharon Bradwell and Marisa Testa
2002: $1,235.95
Valerie Frost, Neil Semenchuk, Marisa Testa, Kerry and John Leka
2001: $861.87
Mirella Spadafora, Valerie Frost, John and Kerry Lekas, Sharon Bradwell
2000: $833.78
Marisa Testa, Sharon Bradwell, John Lekas and son Alex, Neil Semenchuk, and Valerie Frost (Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation)

1987: The idea that started it all off: a coupon book that was sold by Sgt. Pepperoni and the Lac St. Louis Soccer Association to raise funds for the Sîan Bradwell Fund:

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