A. STEP-BY-STEP-TEMBRE (S-B-S-T) is a Canada-wide fun run/walk/stroll/treadmill or ride to raise awareness of childhood cancer, and at the same time, a chance for people to raise funds for the Oncology department of their local children’s hospitals.

Q.    What was the genesis for the idea?

A.     Though not as widely recognised as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Canada, as it is in the U.S., U.K. Europe and other parts of the world, individual children’s hospitals in a few provinces acknowledge it in one way or another.  There has been no concerted effort across the country, however, so this is a first step towards doing so.  Together, the hospitals are urging all Canadians to take a step and make a donation to their local institution.

Q.    Why launch such an initiative during a pandemic, when health and safety regulations are still in effect?

A.     A journey begins with a first step. And this is ours, on behalf of children with cancer. The number of childhood cancer victims has shot up: over 400,000 a year, worldwide, and 6 children in Canada are diagnosed every day.

Since many children’s hospitals have had to cancel or postpone in-person fund-raising events, we thought that giving Canadians the opportunity to walk, job, run, skip, hop or jump their way toward greater awareness of childhood cancers at a date and time of their choosing in September would provide everyone flexibility and a little fun.

Q:    How was the name chosen?

A:     As the original event name was unavailable due to intellectual property rights, we selected a combination of some of the event’s key elements, including but not limited to:

  • The need to take steps to become more aware of childhood cancers:  in Canada, childhood cancer remains responsible for more deaths than any other disease in children from the age of one year through adolescence.
  • The need to step up this awareness and convert it into action.
  • Spotlighting the need to transform this inaugural event into an annual one, in September to provide Canadian children’s hospitals with the best facilities to diagnose and treat childhood cancers, as well as providing ongoing support for research programmes.

  STEP-BY-STEP-TEMBRE, is a nod to both Canada’s official languages.

Q.    Why the italics? Isn’t that too much?

A.     Absolutely not!  The italics suggest movement—moving forward, taking steps to learn more about childhood cancers, with an eye toward a time where children can enjoy healthier futures.

Q.    Will this become an annual event?

A.     We hope so!  Your participation and support of the inaugural STEP-BY-STEP-TEMBRE virtual walk will become an annual opportunity to increase awareness of childhood cancers in Canada, and take steps — literally and figuratively — toward that end, while raising funds to help local children’s hospitals.  Children’s cancers are very different from adult ones and have a life-long impact on children and their families.  The whole family is affected when a child is diagnosed.

Q: Do I have to participate during September 1-30?

A: We encourage all participants to do something active during September because it has been designated as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: STEP-BY-STEP-TEMBRE is free to enter. If you would like to support the children’s hospital in your area, please set up a fundraising page or make a personal donation. Click HERE for a links to the registration page of the participating hospitals.

Q. Do I have to fundraise to participate?

A. You are not obliged to raise funds. But since participation is free, it would be grand if you could raise funds or make a small donation to help children’s hospitals. Every contribution makes a difference!

Q: When should I start fundraising?

A: You can start immediately after you register! You don’t have to wait until early September to begin fundraising. Give yourself a head start and ask your friends, family, teammates and co-workers to support you.

Q. May I walk/run on a treadmill instead of outside?

A: Indeed you may! Run, walk, stroll, bicycle, rollerskate, skateboard … you can even try rowing if you prefer. Anything that gets you moving is good!

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